The wildflowers in the Wenas area over Memorial Day weekend are incredible.  On a bad year, they're really nice.  On a good year, they're gobstoppingly stunning.  Along with bird watchers, the weekend draws several "weed watchers" (to quote Wilson Cady), including experts from the Washington  Native Plant Society.

Each year, they lead botany field trips to such places as Manastash Ridge, Peony Meadows, and Rocky Flats.  Additionally, they create a wildflower display near the Larrison tree, with labeled samples of flowers.

DO NOT PICK YOUR OWN FLOWERS.  View the ones in the display. If you are in the field and come across something you don't recognize, take a picture.  Check the display when you get back into camp.

Plant lists from the Washington Native Plant Society:

Black Canyon
Bluebird Trail
Peony Meadows
Rocky Prairie (a.k.a. Rocky Flat)
Wenas Campground (a.k.a. Boise-Cascade CG)




Top, Manastash Ridge.

Middle, Bighead Clover,
    Trifolium macrocephalum.

Bottom, Bitterroot,
    Lewisia redivia.

Photos courtesy of Rob Sandelin.